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Sounds too good to be true? Get 50GB free trial. HXLF — Added. Download from all famous filehosts for just 4 bucks! Posted in: Site News. Posted by Leo on Apr 12th, Leave a Comment! Series Link. Show name: Saturday Night Live Season Show name: Homeland Season 8. Brianna and Roger, meanwhile, struggle to overcome the harm Stephen inflicted on their lives. Show name: Outlander Season 5. Posted by Leo on Apr 11th, Leave a Comment! NFO — Amazon. The Adults Are Talking Selfless Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus Bad Decisions Eternal Summer At The Door Why Are Sundays So Depressing Not The Same Anymore This is an interesting question because a lot of people use the bittorrent network, some for legit uses fast downloads of Linux distributions, for example and others for, well, less legal uses as they bypass copyright and distribution limits by grabbing the latest cinematic blockbuster or DVD in digital form.

You should definitely be mindful that pirating movies, music CDs and other copyrighted content by grabbing a free download is not just illegal but also prevents the artists and other creative professionals from earning their fair wage through product sales. Just use this information appropriately, okay?

Complicated, eh? My belief is that these are generally recorded by projectionists or others working at a movie theater because of the required access to the audio source.

No bueno, for sure. A typical warning on these original source disks looks like this:. There are other acronyms and encodings to describe the different types of bittorrent and torrent data streams available.

Thank you. This article answers many of my questions. What is MKV please? And are there even more Torrent Video Encoding Acronyms out there that could be added to the ones explained above? Hi Burton.


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Correct invalid entries. Please choose a color:. July 11, at pm. Dave Taylor says:. July 12, at am.Oscar drums sound in the mountains of Colorado, the contest, a secret jewel that is neither announced nor promoted, has a symphony of titles destined to distribute the year awards in many of the main categories. Hollywood moves its last days of vacation to Telluride, a custom that neither Venice nor Toronto have been able to achieve. Executives, actors, producers and directors land in the hills of this city of the American Midwest, with the appropriate clothing for a western and the relaxation of feeling immune to photographers who do not find access to arrive.

This Thursday, just 24 hours before its start, its program has been announced. Netflix also has a place to project "Marriage Story" before taking it to Toront. The Safdie brothers' project, "Uncut Gems," will also arrive, where Adam Sandler returns to a dramatic role to give life to a diamond seller who acquires a rare piece and, in doing so, puts his life in danger.

The highly anticipated biopic of Judy Garland lands with Renee Zellwegger in the role of Judy and which premieres for the first time in Telluride, like Waves, Trey Edwards Shuts' tape about the apparently perfect life of an athlete. The film is set for release on November 15, Full Movie Watch Online Server 2. James Mangold. Jez ButterworthJohn-Henry Butterworth. The rivalry between Ford and Ferrari for the dominance at Le Mans endurance race. Ford v Ferrari. Create my account. Oh Snap! Wrong Username or Password.

Don't have account yet? Sign up now! It only takes 2 minutes to sign up for over a million titles. Register for FREE.Now movie streaming services are everywhere. There you will find various movie quality acronyms.

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Ever wondered what they actually means? Here is the list. If you ever see a film that sometimes the audience suddenly appear in the film, that is the Cam-Quality film.

dvdscr reddit

A Cam is a theater rip usually done with a digital video camera. Sometimes they use mini tripod, but a lot of them do this manually so the camera is shaking. The sound is taken directly from the onboard microphone of the camera, so sometimes you can hear the audiences laughter quite often during the film. Due to these factors the sound and picture quality usually very poor. And TS is filmed in an empty cinema or from the projection booth with a professional camera, giving a better picture quality.

A telecine machine copies the film digitally from the reels. Sound and picture should be very good, but due to the equipment involved and cost telecines are fairly uncommon. Generally the film will be in correct aspect ratio, although telecines have existed. Sometimes it shows a visible counter on screen throughout the film.

dvdscr reddit

A pre VHS tape, sent to rental stores, and various other places for promotional use. Also, if the tape contains any serial numbers, or any other markings that could lead to the source of the tape, these will have to be blocked, usually with a black mark over the section.

This is sometimes only for a few seconds, but unfortunately on some copies this will last for the entire film, and some can be quite big. Depending on the equipment used, screener quality can range from excellent if done from a MASTER copy, to very poor if done on an old VHS recorder thru poor capture equipment on a copied tape. Same premise as a screener, but transferred off a DVD.

Usually letterboxbut without the extras that a DVD retail would contain. The ticker is not usually in the black bars, and will disrupt the viewing. If the ripper has any skill, a DVDScr should be very good. This makes distribution cheaper. Its quality is lower than one of a R5, but higher than a Cam or Telesync copy. Over the past 6 months the major movie studios have been releasing retail DVDs early in Russia. They do this to stop the widespread use of pirated Telecines which were once very common.

Lately however there has been very few real Telecines, most of the scene Telecines you see are actually R5 retails. If possible this is released pre-retail for example, Star Wars Episode II again, should be in excellent quality.

DVB rips often come from free-the-air transmissions such as digital terrestrial television. Movies in this format are starting to grow in popularity. So the range of quality we now have is like this. From high quality to low quality. Hope you enjoy the post. Which delivers more quality over a low bandwidth. Few other article you may be interested:. Sign in.They usually have a resolution of p or pand are encoded using the matroska.

BRrip is encoded from a Blu-ray release, which is in itself a ripped version. Thus, BRrip is a compressed version of an already ripped Blu-ray disc. A copy of the final released DVD. If possible this is released PRE retail for example, Star Wars episode 2 again, should be excellent quality. This is a movie or TV show downloaded via an on-line distribution website web downloadsuch as iTunes.

The quality is quite good since they are not re-encoded. The video H. In an effort to compete with movie piracy, the movie industry chose to create a new format for DVD releases that could be produced more quickly and less expensively than traditional DVD releases. R5 releases differ from normal releases in that they are usually a direct Telecine transfer of the film without any of the image processing common on DVD releases, and without any special features.

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This allows the film to be released for sale at the same time that DVD Screeners are released. Since DVD Screeners are the chief source of high-quality pre-DVD release pirated movies, this allows the movie studios to beat the pirates to market.

Bootlegged copies of these releases are often distributed on the Internet via torrent sites. PPVRips are said to have come from Pay-Per-View sources, but what is interesting is that all these releases are brand new movies which have not yet been released to Screener or DVD but are available to view by Hotel customers.

A workprint is a copy of the film that has not been finished. It can be missing scenes, music, and quality can range from excellent to very poor. Some WPs are very different from the final print Men In Black is missing all the aliens, and has actors in their places and others can contain extra scenes Jay and Silent Bob.

WPs can be nice additions to the collection once a good quality final has been obtained. A cam is a theater rip usually done with a digital video camera. A mini tripod is sometimes used, but a lot of the time this wont be possible, so the camera make shake. Also seating placement isn't always idle, and it might be filmed from an angle. If cropped properly, this is hard to tell unless there's text on the screen, but a lot of times these are left with triangular borders on the top and bottom of the screen.

Sound is taken from the onboard microphone of the camera, and especially in comedies, laughter can often be heard during the film. Due to these factors picture and sound quality are usually quite poor, but sometimes we're lucky, and the theater will be fairly empty and a fairly clear signal will be heard. A telesync is the same spec as a CAM except it uses an external audio source most likely an audio jack in the chair for hard of hearing people.

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A direct audio source does not ensure a good quality audio source, as a lot of background noise can interfere. A lot of the times a telesync is filmed in an empty cinema or from the projection booth with a professional camera, giving a better picture quality.

Quality ranges drastically, check the sample before downloading the full release. A high percentage of Telesyncs are CAMs that have been mislabeled. A telecine machine copies the film digitally from the reels. Sound and picture should be very good, but due to the equipment involved and cost telecines are fairly uncommon.

Generally the film will be in correct aspect ratio, although telecines have existed. TC should not be confused with TimeCodewhich is a visible counter on screen throughout the film. A pre VHS tape, sent to rental stores, and various other places for promotional use.Pirated movie release types are the different types of pirated movies that end up on the Internet.

They vary wildly in rarity and quality due to the different sources and methods used for acquiring the video content, in addition to encoding formats. Pirated movie releases may be derived from camswhich have distinctly low quality; screener and workprint discs or digital distribution copies DDCtelecine copies from analog reels, video on demand VOD or TV recordings, and DVD and Blu-Ray rips.

Pirated movies are usually released in several formats and different versions as better sources become available. The versions are usually encoded in the popular formats at the time of encoding. The sources for pirated copies have often changed with time in response to technology or anti-piracy measures.

Cam releases were the early attempts at movie piracy which were implemented by recording the on-screen projection of a movie in a cinema. This enabled groups to pirate movies which were in their theatrical period not released for personal entertainment. Alternative methods were sought, as these releases often suffered distinctly low quality and required undetected videotaping in movie theaters.

Beginning infeature films began to be released on the internet by warez groups prior to their theatrical release. A prime example was the release of American Pie.

dvdscr reddit

Although its authors only intended the software to be used for playback purposes, [ citation needed ] it also meant that one could decode the content perfectly for ripping ; combined with the DivX 3. The early DivX releases were mostly internal for group use, but once the codec spread, it became accepted as a standard and quickly became the most widely used format for the scene.

With help from associates who either worked for a movie theatermovie production company, or video rental company, groups were supplied with massive amounts of material, and new releases began appearing at a very fast pace. When version 4. Later, Xvid replaced DivX entirely. Although the DivX codec has evolved from version 4 to In Februarya consortium of popular piracy groups officially announced xthe free H.

The move to H. MKV file name extension. With the increasing popularity of online movie-streaming sites like Netflix, some movies are being ripped from such websites now and are being encoded in HEVC wrapped in Matroska containers. This codec allows a high-quality movie to be stored in a relatively smaller file size. Below is a table of pirated movie release types along with respective sources, ranging from the lowest quality to the highest.


Scene rules define in which format and way each release type is to be packaged and distributed. A Cam is a copy made in a cinema using a camcorder or mobile phone. The sound source is the camera microphone. Cam rips can quickly appear online after the first preview or premiere of the film. The quality ranges from subpar to adequate, depending on the group of persons performing the recording and the resolution of the camera used. The main disadvantage of this is the sound quality.

The microphone does not only record the sound from the movie, but also the background sound in the cinema.

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The camera can also record movements and audio of the audience in the theater, for instance, when someone stands up in front of the screen, or when the audience laughs at a funny moment in the movie. A telesync TS is a bootleg recording of a film recorded in a movie theatersometimes filmed using a professional camera on a tripod in the projection booth. The main difference between a CAM and TS copy is that the audio of a TS is captured with a direct connection to the sound source often an FM microbroadcast provided for the hearing-impaired, or from a drive-in theater.

Often, a cam is mislabeled as a telesync.

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HDTS is used to label a High-definition video recording. A Workprint is a copy made from an unfinished version of a film produced by the studio. Typically a workprint has missing effects and overlays, and differs from its theatrical release.

Some workprints have a time index marker running in a corner or on the top edge; some may also include a watermark. A workprint might be an uncut version, and missing some material that would appear in the final movie or including scenes later cut.As you might know, our sister site Where You Watchtracks movies similar to how Has it Leaked track albums.

And once every year, high quality versions of brand new, or even upcoming, movies are suddenly availble on pirate sites. Therefore movie studios send out so called screeners. No offence to Star Wars movies but beyond technical nominations, they are often ignored. And Disney have a history of never sending out promo copies of movies. The picture and audio is never really up to par with the upcoming retail release.

Here are a few movies which are likely to leak out early this year. If you want an email when they have leaked out on the web, Where You Watch is the place you want to sign up for. Dunkirkthe incredible war story directed by Christopher Nolan. One of the few movies the jury members will receive in 4K Bluray formats. I Tonya. Starring Margot Robbie.

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Pirated movie release types

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Warning: If your comment includes an album download link or to an illegal download site, you will be banned! What is a DVD screener and which movies will get leaked this year?

As you might know, our sister site Where You Watch, tracks movies similar to how Has it Leaked track albums. And once every year, high quality […]". High quality version of brand new, and upcoming movies? The answer is simple, Oscar nominations generate a lot of money. Where You Watch reports all movie leaks, including the Oscar screeners.

With email alerts! Where are movies like Star Wars 8?